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Contract Based Skill-set Solutions
Project Based Skill-sets.
DOME Division

Cyborg Consultancy welcomes tie ups with companies on Software Solutions, Offshore-Development and ERP Service providers, to develop solutions with Cyborg For getting the products as mentioned above on a profit sharing basis.

The share of profit can be from 10% to 20% depending upon the relationship such as Associate, Affiliate, Franchisee or Cyborg Partner.

Cyborg Consultancy attempts to deliver cutting edge products and services that offer the best value to the customer.

Cyborg Consultancy is committed to fair business policies that help build lasting relationships with Customers, Partners, Service Providers and Employees that help drive Business Growth when used in conjunction with the current online marketing techniques such as Web sites, Search Engines, reciprocal links and newsgroups.

More than 1500 customers have been served for Internet based services since inception with over 500 projects successfully completed.

Some of the valued customers are :

UTV, i2i Enterprises, Print House, Emerson, Jewelex, GLOBAL Investments Inc. Etc.