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CYBORG Community Services
is an Infrastructure Consulting Firm catering the following services:

1. Technical insurance Suryeying assesments.

2. Execuitve Search Services.

3. Corporate Training.

4. Business Restructuring and Capital/Debt Restructuring services.

5. Reverse Engineering Services

6. Manufacturing Material Management ERPSoftware Services.

Intellectual skill set Provider firm. Focused on providing 'The Highest' quality IT, Management, Marketing and Equity related professionals from India to our client companies in USA and soon to the rest of the world. To put it simple our expertise is in providing you

Driven by intellect, Powered By Technology'.

Our Focus
Our main focus is to match the needs of all our 'Partner' clients and all our Cyborgites (professionals) so that a 'win-win' situation is created. We are creating two specific networks of -- The companies who need the 'highly' qualified Professionals from India to meet their growing needs in the US and rest of the world. The companies who are willing to expand their horizons in the US and other countries.

We at Cyborg, Inc. are going to bring these two networks together so that both networks can be connected to each other by a CLICK OF THE MOUSE. The simple but effective way to match the demand with appropriate supply hence saving time, money and headaches for everyone involved.